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Property sourcing, development and Management

stacking deals

How to stack your first/next deal

Want to know how to stack deals quickly and easily? We will run you through the key terms and calculations to help you quickly see if a deal is good or not for your property strategy. OneFourFour Property.

Which Property Strategy would you choose if starting again?

Something that is often said but not often actually thought about in real terms.

“Choose your Strategy before you invest!”

But why is this important and more importantly what are the options?

5 key tips to get the most from the Property search portals Rightmove and Zoopla

I’ll often have people approach me when it comes to property and how I find my properties. A lot of people have been on a training course or watched a video on YouTube and have come to the conclusion they need to make friends with all the estate agents local to the area they are …

Why, right now, there is opportunity in the Property Market, whilst everyone is concerned with a crash.

The headlines, right now, in the property space are all about the prices crashing, tenants not paying rent, businesses going bust and more gloom.

For the inexperienced property investor or the uneducated property investor, it could be perceived that property investing is risky and going downhill fast.

How I got started in Property – The story of one of our Directors

Our Director talks about how to get started in property, specifically how he got started, and how you could follow a similar path…

HMO Refurbishment

We are now well underway with our HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) refurbishment in the great town of Leigh. Some information is available thanks to Wikipedia for those unfamiliar with Leigh.,_Greater_Manchester Once complete it will be an all ensuite, all double, premium HMO with a luxurious shared communal space with Living, Kitchen and Dining …